How do you make a great salad?

I found this article on the Bon Appetite website and wanted to share it.  It gives the reader an idea of some of the components that make a salad really stand out.  I personally vary my greens (use different varieties of kale, or romaine, or spinach or arugula as examples), and then always love to add lots of veggies (sometimes roasted, sometimes raw, sometimes pickled), protein, and always some crunch element (usually nuts when I personally make a salad).  How about trying something you haven't before, like hearts of palm, or different varieties of mushrooms?  

My two cents is this:  when it comes to the dressing- use Trixie's.  That will make it even more amazing!  Please click the link below to access the article.  Feel free to share in the comments what you personally like to add to your salad to make it as fabulous as you are.