Honey Lime Cilantro

Honey Lime Cilantro


Our Honey Lime Cilantro is made with fresh lime juice, whole garlic cloves, cumin and fresh cilantro and has southwest flavors.  It is an excellent marinade for pork, chicken, or fish, and in a salad pairs best with romaine lettuce, grilled chicken or shrimp, black beans, avocado, red onion, tomato and hearts of palm.  Trixie herself pours it on salmon and bakes it! 

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Developed by a clinical nutritionist, nurse, and personal trainer/exercise instructor, our delicious dressings are all natural, free of all chemicals, preservatives, and artificial anything. We use non GMO ingredients and fresh produce.    

This dressing is gluten free, but is not kosher. 

You may notice the dressing separates, or there is a "plug" of dressing when you first open the package.  This is due to the fact that we add no artificial emulsifiers, thickening agents, or stabilizers.  Simply shake it well, and enjoy.  Shelf life is approximately 6 months.  Please refrigerate after opening.