Photo by Dmitriy Melnikov/Hemera / Getty Images
Photo by Dmitriy Melnikov/Hemera / Getty Images

Trixie’s Fabulous Dressings began with a woman’s dream to follow her passion.  

Being a health conscious person, Trixie (aka Marge Agliozzo Chapman) was eating salads almost every day, and was looking for a salad dressing that was something different from most; one that didn’t contain anything artificial, thickening agents (what is xanthan gum anyway?) or lots of salt. Unable to find one that she liked, she began making her own dressings. Marge is a registered nurse, an exercise professional, and has her masters degree in nutrition, so making salad dressings was something that appealed to her because it encourages people to eat more salads, vegetables and other whole, non processed foods. After several of her friends tried her dressings, they encouraged her to begin selling them.  


Starting in her own kitchen, she would make the dressings and post on Facebook when she had made a batch.  Friends and family would purchase, and very quickly she was getting rave reviews, and was selling out of every bottle she would make.  

But at the time, she was only working small, part time jobs, and didn't know the first thing about starting up a food business.  


From dream to salad dressing company reality.


With the encouragement of her sister, and friends, she began the road to following her dream of establishing a salad dressing company. However, starting up a company takes lots of time, trial and error, and money. Marge used her savings and prior knowledge of nutrition and food, and dove into learning everything she could about starting a food company.  This eventually lead to expansion into a commercial kitchen, and formation of Trixie’s Fabulous Dressings, LLC in 2016.   


Our four varieties are delicious and unique.  All are made by hand and contain fresh ingredients.  We use whole garlic cloves, peeled ginger root, fresh squeezed citrus and fresh cilantro, depending on the variety. There are no artificial preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers or colors in our products.  Please shake them well, and refrigerate once opened.  They have a shelf life of approximately 6 months.  If you notice the dressings hardening when in the refrigerator, it is because we use olive oil in the dressings (solidifying in the cold is expected).  Simply bring them to room temperature and shake well before serving. 


Lastly, if you’re wondering where the name Trixie came from:  

The Honeymooners, image taken from Wikipedia

The Honeymooners, image taken from Wikipedia

Marge is a single mom of 3 teenage boys and while she was going through a difficult time, and putting herself through graduate school, she would often stay up late studying, worrying and getting household tasks done.  The result was the need for several cups of coffee to stay awake during the day.  Because she loves to laugh, and keep things interesting, she would go to Starbucks and give different names with her order.  Some of the names included Tinkerbell, Sunshine and Captain Sparkles, but the one name that she would use most often was Trixie, which she thought sounded flirty and playful.  Hence, her alter ego, "Trixie" was born over Starbucks coffee, and working on and envisioning her future.  Trixie is Marge’s playful, silly, fun side.  

We hope you enjoy our dressings. They are made with all natural ingredients and love.